• Pastor Owen

    God is using me in several ways these days (as He is with all of you), and I'm eager and excited to begin the pastoral call at St. Paul Lutheran in Hull! I'm a husband to Leah, my wife of 18 years. We met as freshmen at Augustana College. Leah played some volleyball there, while I had the opportunity to play baseball at Augie. After college, I also got to play for a brief stint with the Sioux Falls Canaries and a minor league spring training in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. We are parents to Clara (16), Elsie (14), Ada (11), Greta (9), and Silas (4). God has richly blessed me with my family, the people that make me feel "at home". We really enjoy being outdoors, playing games and sports (mostly volleyball, basketball, frisbee, & ping pong), swimming, biking, singing, and reading together. We love spending time with parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Leah is a registered nurse, having worked on pulmonary, postpartum, labor & delivery floors, but the majority of her time and attention is spent taking care of all of us and being an incredible wife and mom. I was a middle school science teacher for 14 years, the last nine in Byron, MN. I served as the varsity volleyball coach there, too. In June of 2022, I received a Masters of Divinity degree from the Luther House of Study through Sioux Falls Seminary.  The faculty are among those who have given me my confession of faith in Christ's Promise that makes me new when I hear it, and this is a wonderful thing to share with others!

    Pastor Owen

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